Mapping the Violence (The Hindu article)

Websites that track atrocities against marginalised sections such as women, dalits and children are keeping authorities on their toes.

Alternative media via the Internet is having a huge impact by connecting and providing up-to- date information on issues of social concern. In order to create a handy database of human rights violations and challenge repressive social norms such as the caste system and patriarchy, civil society organisations and those born out of progressive social movements have launched web sites collating atrocities against women, children and dalits.

India is the fourth most dangerous country in the world for women, says the recent Trust Law Women Poll. About 213 gender experts from five continents evaluated countries on the parameters of health, sexual violence, discrimination, cultural, trafficking, non-sexual violence and access to resources. The top three countries deemed to be most dangerous by the poll are Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan – affected by political and social uncertainties. The poll indicated, quoting former Home Secretary, Madhukar Gupta, that in India around 100 million people, largely women and girls were victims of trafficking. It also said that up to 50 million girls ‘disappeared’ either due to infanticide or female foeticide. And, about 44.5 per cent of girls below the age of 18 years were married off.

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