“This is not Street Art”

Tona (from St.ART Delhi site)

Tona (from St.ART Delhi site)

On the 2nd of February St.Art Delhi will be glad to present the first ever Street Art exhibition in India: “This is not Street Art”. A selection of artworks created by the invited artists in their studios along with site-specific installations produced in New Delhi for the occasion. From drawings to canvases, from stencil and posters to site-specific works, the exhibition will give a deep gaze on the hybrid, post-modernist and post-graffiti phenomenon of Urban Art. Alina Vergnano, Alias, Ano9, Amitabh Kumar, Anpu, Bond, Daku, Harsh Raman, Harshvardhan Kadam, Hendrik ECB Beikirch, M-City, Mattia Lullini, Yantr, Okuda, Ranjit Dahiya, Tona: their artworks then juxtaposed will create a show based on comparisons giving to the audience the opportunity to witness a peerless artistic and cultural exchange.

Go to St.Art Delhi’s website for more information.

Read an article about the exhibition at the Wall Street Journal.

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