Workshop: The Past, Present, and Future of the City

Sneha Krishnan (St John’s)
Neil Levine (Harvard)
Otto Saumerez Smith (Lincoln)
Eric Storm (Leiden)

29 April, 2:30-4:30 at TORCH, University of Oxford

Oxford is a city in crisis. Its property prices are too high. Its congestion is terrible. Recent reports suggest that its infrastructure may simply collapse. Yet Oxford is a success story. Other cities, by contrast, are experiencing severe decline, with their population shrinking and their economies declining. In this workshop, historians, geographers, and other experts will explore our current experience of urban life, look at the lessons of the past, and contemplate the future. All welcome, but spaces are limited and registration isessential.

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Between Towns Road runs perpendicular to the arterial route along which this documentation is moving, operating as an infrastructural demarcation that severs the city.

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