Workshop podcasts: “Comparative Infrastructures, South and North”

Opening Keynote: Defining Infrastructuralisms

Speaker: Michael Rubenstein, ‘Infrastructuralism’.

Panel 1: Literary Cities, Cultural Resistance

Speakers: Ole Birk Laursen, ‘Indian Anti-colonial Nationalism and the Spectre of Anarchism’; Florian Stadtler, ‘Indian Popular Cinema and Urban Cityscapes: A Politics of Resistance?’; Louisa Layne, ‘Sound Systems and Other Systems: Urban Aesthetic Spaces in the work of Linton Kwesi Johnson’; Stuti Khanna, ‘Crime and the Media: How a City’s Meaning is Made’

Panel 2: Comparative Cities, South and North

Speakers: Loren Kruger, ‘Edgy Cities South and North: Transnational Contexts for Comparing Johannesburg and Chicago’; Pamila Gupta, ‘Blue Johannesburg’; Terence Cave, ‘China Miéville’s Weird Collocations’

Place-Hacking: Exploring the Global City

Speakers: Bradley Garrett

Panel 3: Under Cities

Speakers: Sarah Harrison, ‘Contingent Infrastructures: Waste, Violence and Community in Contemporary Mumbai’; Maurizio Marinelli, ‘The Politics of Aesthetics and the Critique of Violence in Urban China: The Case of Tianjin Between Past and Present’

Panel 4: Oxford as a Divided City

Speakers: Will Ghosh, ‘Thames Valley Royal’; Georg Deutsch, ‘The Aesthetics of Greed: A Short History of the Castle Mill Debacle in Oxford’; Elleke Boehmer and Dominic Davies, ‘Oxford’s Planned Violence’

Panel 5: Postcolonial Northern Cities: Practice and Performance

Speakers: Corinne Fowler, Divya Ghelani and SuAndi, ‘Landmarks: Literary Interventions into Britain’s Postcolonial, Post-Industrial Spaces’

Final Keynote

Speakers: James Attlee, ‘Isolarion: Walking the Cowley Road’

Closing Plenary: Future Archaeologies of Planned Violence

Speakers: Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies, Pablo Mukherjee, Ruvani Ranasinha, Alex Tickell