Beware Delhi! 70% of water in the capital unfit to drink, reveals MCD study (Mail Today article)

Have you have been binge drinking on tap water supplied by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to drown your summer woes? Here’s news that will make you gulp.

The drinking water that most Delhiites are getting at home has been found to be contaminated with sewage water and could be harmful to health. A shocking 81 out of 116 samples of such water – it translates to almost 70 per cent – supplied across the Capital by the DJB have failed a purity test conducted by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

It is an established fact that guzzling water in the summer is the best way to stay hydrated so that lost fluids can be replenished and heat-related illnesses kept at bay. But the MCD study, on the contrary, concluded that the tap water flowing through DJB pipelines could itself be the cause of various water- borne diseases.

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