Intervention 2

David Goldberg, ‘Are We Postracial Yet?’

Elleke Boehmer – ‘Postcolonial Writing and Terror’

Keith Breckenridge – ‘The Biometric State’

Responses: Sharad Chari, Lakshmi Menon

David Goldberg, Elleke Boehmer and Keith Breckenridge respond to introductions to books they have authored, new and old, and relate them to the workshop’s interrogation of a forensic exploration infrastructure as it reveals the kinds of planned violence shaping 21st-century urban formations. Goldberg speaks to the ‘postracial’ ideologies that have emerged in political and social discourses in the US and Israel in recent years; Boehmer reflects on how postcolonial literature might be able to diagnose terroristic violence and the ideologies of fear and segregation that have emerged in response to it; and Breckenridge documents the growing use of biometric data systems by governments, particularly in South Africa, to monitor their citizens, and considers both the dangerous and on occasion liberating implications of this.


(From the third Planned Violence Workshop, ‘Forensic Infrastructure: Building the Global South’, held in Johannesburg in March/April 2015)

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