Loren Kruger, Imagining the Edgy City: Writing, Performing, and Building Johannesburg (2013)

City from the South (undated). Photograph copyright by David Goldblatt.

City from the South (undated). Photograph copyright by David Goldblatt.

“With an encyclopedic knowledge of Johannesburg, Kruger deftly navigates a tsunami of performances, speculations, and excavations that enable us to see how this city has lived across all of the histories, power games, and efforts to rein it in. Imagining the Edgy City deploys theater, literature, film, art, and photography to explore how all kinds of desires are materially etched into the city’s fabric in an often uncanny interdependency of the dreamed and the built, and how this reciprocity absorbs a multitude of efforts in all of their unruly contradictions.” —AbdouMaliq Simone, author of For the City Yet to Come: Changing African Life in Four Cities (2004).

Imagining the Edgy City is now available from Oxford University Press.

Read extracts from Imagining the Edgy City here.

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