Moving Worlds Special Issue: “Postcolonial Cities – South Asia”

Moving Worlds: "Postcolonial Cities - South Asia"
Moving Worlds 13.2 is a special issue on “Postcolonial Cities – South Asia”, with Guest Editor Caroline Herbert.

. . . this issue brings together creative and critical work on a range of cities from across the subcontinent.As well as prominent cities – Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Karachi, and Lahore – it focuses on urban locales sometimes rendered peripheral to narratives of postcolonial South Asian urban modernity, such as Baroda, Patna, Colombo, and Srinigar. Boey Kim Cheng plunges us into the city and we walk with the poet through Kolkata, encountering a densely packed space of constant movement, sounds, and sights. (Caroline Herbert, Editorial, p. 1)

Read more at the Moving Worlds website.

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