Panel 4: Oxford as a Divided City

Will Ghosh – ‘Thames Valley Royal’

Georg Deutsch – ‘The Aesthetics of Greed: A Short History of the Castle Mill Debacle in Oxford’

Elleke Boehmer and Dominic Davies – ‘Oxford’s Planned Violence’

The workshop’s fourth panel turns the analytical gaze away from the more obviously ‘postcolonial’ cities of Delhi and Johannesburg to the Network’s host town of Oxford where, since Elleke Boehmer and Dominic Davies’s photo essay of the city in the project’s opening months. Almost two years later, they reflect here on the kinds of planned violence that are woven into Oxford’s urban development. Their exploration of these issues is accompanied by a paper from Will Ghosh about how the movement of Oxford United’s football ground to the outskirts of the city can be seen as a measure of the gradual displacement of Oxford’s working residents by the university, whilst Georg Deutsch further interrogates the politics of the divide between ‘town and gown’ through recent accommodation developments that encroach on to the green spaces of Oxford’s Port Meadow.


(From the fourth Planned Violence Workshop, ‘Comparative Infrastructures, South and North’, held in Oxford in September 2015)

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