Panel 5: Postcolonial Northern Cities – Practice and Performance

Corinne Fowler, Divya Ghelani and SuAndi – ‘Landmarks: Literary Interventions into Britain’s Postcolonial, Post-Industrial Spaces’

In the workshop’s fifth and final panel, Corinne Fowler looks to the postcolonial dimensions of other cities based in the North of the UK, such as Manchester, particularly focusing on ‘landmark poetry’—poetry that physically inserts itself as sculpture and street art into, and on to, the infrastructure of these urban spaces. Diva Ghelani then reads from her short story, ‘An Imperial Typewriter’, which highlights the postcolonial dimensions of diasporic communities living in Leicester, before performance poet and activist SuAndi reads from a selection of her work and relates these to notions of planned violence in cities with strong colonial and imperial pasts, and particularly Liverpool.


(From the fourth Planned Violence Workshop, ‘Comparative Infrastructures, South and North’, held in Oxford in September 2015)

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