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Programme for “Planning Modernity: Colonial Continuities, Postcolonial Disjunctions”, JNU, New Delhi, 24-25 October 2014, now available!

  The Leverhulme-funded Planned Violence Network are delighted to release the programme for the second workshop, to be held in Delhi at the end of the month. View the programme here or download it as a…

Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers (2012)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers
It was a smogged-out, prosperity-driven obstacle course up there in the over-city, from which wads of possibility had tumbled down to the slums. (p. xii)

Fifteen-year-old Meena, whose hut was around the corner, craved a taste of the freedom and adventure she’d seen on TV serials, instead of an arranged marriage and domestic submission. Sunil, an undersized twelve-year-old scavenger, wanted to eat enough to start growing. Asha, a fighter-cock of a woman who lived by the public toilet, was differently ambitious. She longed to be Annawadi’s first female slumlord, then ride the city’s inexorable corruption into the middle class. Her teenaged daughter, Manju, considered her own aim more noble: to become Annawadi’s first female college graduate. (p. xvii)

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