Workshop podcasts: “Forensic Infrastructure: Building the Global South”

Intervention 1

Speaker: Grégoire Chamayou, ‘Necro-Ethics’

Responses: Achille Mbembe, David Goldberg, Elleke Boehmer

Intervention 2

Speakers: David Goldberg, ‘Are We Postracial Yet?’; Elleke Boehmer, ‘Postcolonial Writing and Terror’; Keith Breckenridge, ‘The Biometric State’.

Responses: Sharad Chari, Lakshmi Menon

Writers’ Reading and Performance

Speakers: Mark Gevisser, Imraan Coovadia, Zen Marie

Responses: Ackbar Abbas, Pamila Gupta, Charne Lavery

Position Pieces: New Cultural Forms: Probing the City

Speakers: Pablo Mukherjee, ‘Indian Ocean Crime Fiction’; Ruvani Ranasinha, ‘Migrant Lives’; Lakshmi Menon, ‘University Infrastructures’; Claudia Gastrow, ‘Tools of Segregation in Luanda’