Workshop podcasts: “Empire and Post-Empire in the Global City”

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Iain SinclairExcavating the Overground: A Day’s Walk Around London’s Orbital Railway

Panel Discussion: Uneven City: Global South and Global North

Matt FeldmanFrom Conrad’s 1907 to our 7/7: London bombings as a case study of “networks of support”

Roundtable discussion: Conflict in and of Cities

Tonica HunterFrom top-down to bottom-up: changes in “literary” responses to the London 2011 riots

Rosie Lavan: War and the Irish Town: Derry and Belfast, 1968-1972

James WhitfieldThe Origins of Discord: Caribbean immigrants and policing in post-war London

Artist Presentation

Nick Simcik-Arese: A Sayaa and the “Deep State”: Everyday conspiratorial subjects and metaphorical bureaucracy in Julie Mehretu’s depictions of Tahrir Square, Cairo

Panel Discussion: Writing London

Kevin Brazil: “Schmerzenspuren”: W. G. Sebald and the Traces of Planned Violence

Bob Eaglestone“You’ve got to answer to the guns of Brixton”: Representations of Violence in South London

Writers Reading: Cities within Cities?

Selma DabbaghReading and discussion

Brian ChikwavaReading

Panel Discussion: Performing Urban Violence

Jo TyabjiPerforming Structural Violence

Jeremy James and Tunde Euba from GLYPTIn Conversation

Plenary Session

Sid BosePoetry reading

Other workshop materials:

PDF of the programme

Workshop participants

Paper titles and abstracts

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