Workshop podcasts: “Planning Modernity: Colonial Continuities, Postcolonial Disjunctions”

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Author keynote 1

Manju Kapur: Feminism, Metropolitanism and Violence in India

Author keynote 2

Vishwajyoti Ghosh: Active Voice or Passive Voice

Panel One: Global Metropolitanism

Aman Sethi: The Global City

Pamila Gupta: Village Goa

Panel Five: The City: Agency, Protest, Control

Lipi Biswas: Trickster City

Debaditya Bhattacharya and Rina Ramdev: Siting a Civic Pathology: Staging Protest in the Cityspace

Special Lecture

Sohail Hashmi: Delhi without the Yamuna

Roundtable Discussion

Elleke Boehmer, Pablo Mukherjee, Pamila Gupta, Alex Tickell and Lakshmi Menon

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